Oblique Viewing Module


Perfect Flexibility

Our oblique viewing module enables a tilted view of your sample, with full 360 degree viewing around an object or feature, simply by pivoting the module. At the ick of a lever, you can switch instantly between oblique viewing mode and normal vertical mode so you never lose the functionality of your ordinary stereo microscope! 

Universally compatible

The clever design of the unit means that it is compatible to an ever increasing range of stereo microscopes. Simply identify the corresponding adapter ring to your microscope, and you are ready to go! 

Compact, Fully Integrated Unit

This highly stable and perfectly designed module integrates seamlessly with all major microscope brands. Perfect image quality is guaranteed thanks to the integrated high quality 0.3x achromatic lens. The unit features an integrated, custom developed LED ring light which is fully controllable and is designed to illuminate the sample area with a diffuse, but powerful homogeneous light. 

Ideal Repair Station

With working distances of 100 mm in oblique mode, and 115 mm in normal vertical mode, the unit is ideal for a wide variety of repair and rework tasks, being particularly suited to SMT repair work.


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  • Compact, easy to use fully integrated unit
  • 360° inspection without moving the object
  • Adapts to all major microscope brands
  • Perfect for SMT-Repair Works
Key Features
  • Includes integrated 0.3x Objective
  • High performance variable LED-Ring Light
  • Large working distance of 100/115 mm (oblique/straight view)
  • Oblique and direct view mode

Oblique Viewing Module | specification

  • Compact design in plastic housing

  • Switchable between oblique and straight view

  • Light point in oblique view for nding actual position, battery powered

  • Working distance in oblique view approx. 100 mm, in straight view approx. 115 mm

  • Integrated 0.3x objective

  • Viewing angle approx. 30°

  • LED-ring light with power supply 100-240V / 60W

  • Extension column-optical axis min.140 mm

  • Weight: approx. 1.6 kg including adapter 

   Oblique Viewing Module - Chart

Tilting Table


Three dimensional objects often benefit from a specific angle of view in order to reveal key details. With our Tilting Table, it is possible to position your microscope securely at an angle or to tilt and fix your samples at the desired positions. 

The entire system from granite slab, stable tripod and microscope mounting adds up to a tilt-proof and ergonomic microscope workstation. Its objects and the microscope can be aligned and fixed to each other at a certain angle. 

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Your Benefits
  • Highly ergonomic inspection stand
  • Quick and easy full 360° inspection
  • Compatible with all major microscope brands
  • Perfect for Electronic Board Repair
Key Features
  • Rock solid stand for many types of inspection
  • Inclined viewing
  • Easy positioning of objects

Artikel Nr.
Tilting Table Ø300 mm -Vacuum-
- vacuum adjustment with foot switch,
pump, stainless steel base plate, 8 conductor
board holding magnets and 2 magnetic hand
support plates
Tilting Table Ø450 mm -Vacuum-
- vacuum adjustment with foot switch,
vacuum pump, stainless steel base plate,
8 conductor board holding magnets and
2 magnetic hand support plates,
3 Polyethylene tubing
Tilting Table Ø400 mm -Granite-
- sample bed area D=400 mm
- ESD rubber surface cover D=300 mm
Tilting Table Ø300 mm -w/o vacuum-
stainless steel base plate, 8 conductor
board holding magnets and 2 magnetic hand
support plates
Tilting Table 200 mm, rubber surface
- table top surface D=200 mm
- 20° tiltable
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