Coaxial LED-Illumination, white 4000k (3000K)

Coaxial LED-Beleuchtung, weiß 4000k (3000 K)

Art.Nr: 045-502253-W​

This white light illumination is intended as a light source for the coaxial coupling of light into TV microscopes. It replaces the light guide couplings, which are still often used, with a compact homogeneous LED illumination. Especially for OEM manufacturers, the compactness and the possible power supply via the machine concept is an advantage, since an external light source, which feeds the light guide, is no longer required. The thread fits the compact 35mm coaxial housings with an integrated divider mirror.

  • Coaxial LED-illumination, white 4000k (3000 K)
  • Binder connector 5-pin, cable length 3 m
  • For power supply 043-700020 (not included)
  • Current max. 800 mA

Coaxial Koehler LED-illumination, white 4000k

Coaxial Koehler LED-Beleuchtung, weiß 4000k

Art.Nr.: 045-502260-W

Koehler allows homogeneous illumination and increased control over the contrast and depth of field of the image. This is achieved by a system of lenses and irises, which give precise control over the shape of the light entering the microscope.

  • For microobjectives 20x and higher
  • Binder connector 5-pin, cable length 3 m
  • For power supply 043-700020 (not included)
  • Current max. 800 mA

LED Ring Light ID=35 mm


Art.Nr.: 045-500084

Our ring lights featuring up-to-date LED technology and operate without a fan and are therefore vibration-free. 

We do not offer special models due to the rapid advancement of LED technology. We will gladly accommodate any special requirements (colour, pulsed operation, time lags, diameters, brightness, special controls, other geometries, etc.) you may have.

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Art.Nr.: 043-643045/46/47/48

Focus drive C, coarse w / integ. LED ring and 5/8 "pin adapter

The LEDrive with integrated ring light and 5/8 "pin adapter is specially designed for the efficient and ergonomic use of a stereomicroscope to make handling even easier and more flexible

The LEDrive is part of the Opto microscope accessories for stereomicroscopes for all leading microscope manufacturers such as Leica, Nikon, Olympus etc.


Datasheet to download

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