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Zoom Objectives

Motorized Zoom Systems 12:1 , 7:1 from Opto are in hundreds of Metrology-, Photonic-, Bonding-, Biomed- Machineries


7:1 Modulare C-Mount Zoom

Modulare C-Mount Zoom

This exceptionally reliable zoom guarantees through it`s modularity a solution for most imaging applications where flexible Magnification is beneficial. All Tubes have diameter 35 mm.  Combine your solution with the adapters, tubes, zoom modules, lenses, and lighting necessary for your application..

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Selection Guide


The configuration of your system is really simple:

  • From the overview diagram, you quickly realize the possible combinations of components
  • Determine your field (Field of View, FoV)
  • Select the required working distance (working distance, WD)
  • Go to the Magnification chart and choose your tube and your lens. Tip: Try to use always a higher objective magnification instead of a a higher tube.
  • Search in the overview diagram your other components, such as Screening of the zoom, focus, modules, lightingand other adapters

Note: The magnetic clutch should not be combined with the 58/66mm-Ringlight.


Configuration diagram


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7:1 Motorized C-Mount Zoom

Motorisierte C-Mount Zoom

Featuring the same long-life reliability of our standard zooms, but with the benefits of either stepper or DC encoded motorisation options, our Opto motorised zooms are the optimum solution for high precision, machine integrated measurement tasks. Designed with machine integration in mind, the Opto zoom has much to offer, including a unique square design enabling easy machine integration and setup. A dedicated zoom controller ensures that electronic integration is simple and straightforward. And with our trademark modularity, your configuration remains fully customisable and upgradable at all times.

For volume integration we offer customized versions that fit your mechanical specification and which integrate illumination as a complete OEM package.

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  • Modular configuration of working distance, magnification and illumination
  • Compact and reliable stepper or DC-motorisation
  • Coaxial illumination for unique metallurgical configuration
Applications & Markets
  • Post bond inspection of assembled semiconductors
  • Automatic analysis of metallurgical surface defects
  • Universal measurement machines

Customized OEM-Version

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