043-102307-V3 Cleanalyzer Professional 35µm

043-102307-V3 Cleanalyzer Professional 35µm_Web_2

043-102307-V3 Cleanalyzer Professional 35µm


- Digital Resolution[µm/Px]: 3,5

- Optiical Resolution [Lp/mm]:  ~110  

- Field of View (X) [mm]: ~ 5,2

- min. particle size according to VDA Vl.19 [µm]: 35


- LED Ring Light [V]: 24 

-  Variable-speedPpower Supply [V/W]: 230 / 15

Measuring Stage

- Travel Range [mm]: 100 x 100 

- Measurement Accuracy [µm]: 1

- Power Supply Control Unit [V]: 230

- PC interface: USB



  • Designed to examine particles on filters

  • Analyzing of number, shape, size and classification of particles

  • Standards ISO 16232 and VDA Bd. 19 are already included, easy user-creation of own standards

  • Automatic detection of particle types (reflecting particle (e.g. metals), fibres, ...)

  • Evaluation of more than 50 particle parameters for each particle (Length, width [according VDA], area, length of fibre, width of fibre, brightness, reflection rate and many, many more)

  • Configuration and storage of different system setups for various measuring tasks

  • Easy export function for all analysed data into database and/or Excel (freely configurable; overview, single particles, particle categories, particle parameter)

  • Calculation of Component-Cleanliness-Code (CCC) according ISO16232

  • Filtering of particle types and/or particle classes

  • Modern and fully customisable user interface for different measuring scenarios

  • Compilation of overview image with particle coordinates for post processing tasks (e.g. material analysis via EDX)

  • All configurations can be stored in profiles

  • Accumulation of the measured values over multiple measuring fields

  • Export of images and results to the dhs database

  • Microsoft Excel protocol generation

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