Accessories for Leica microscopes

We have a long history in building and adapting equipment to Leica microscopes. From mechanical adpters to optical extensions, from protective equipment to add-on Functionality.

We develop functional extensions ranging from purely mechanical solutions like stands and adapters to protective glass holders to optical solutions like gap tubes, or our oblique and direct view modules.

If you have a special requirement or application, simply contact us. We will do our best to help you.

Portable Stand for Leica DMS 300/1000

Portable -Leica

• Usable for roller inspection starting with a diameter of 60 mm or flat samples

• Sensitive positioning of the microscope by x/y stages, travel: 25 mm; spindle pitch: 0.5 mm; scale division: 10 μm; adjustment sensitivity: 5 μm

• Z-axis movement with coarse/fine focusing drive, travel in coarse gear: 70 mm; travel in fine gear: 1.9 mm; fine drive sensitivity 0.001 mm

• Usable objective lenses M-series: 0.5x / 0.63x / 0.8x / 1.0x / 1.25x / 1.6x / 2.0x

• Usable objective lenses Z-series: 0.5x / 0.8x / 1.0x / 2.0x


Item-No.: 043-112414-50-V2

Leica Item-No.: 35000250


Datasheet (PDF)

Stage micrometer

Objektmikrometer - png

Stage micrometer

The stage micrometer in the form of a microscope slide is required for the calibration of microscopes.

- Glass scale 50 mm in 0.1 mm and 0.01 mm 

- Calibration of measurement software

The stage micrometer is also available with DKD Certification.

Datasheet (PDF)

Tilting Stand for highly ergonomic Inspection for Leica column Routine

Granitstativ mit ergonomischer Schwenksäule für Leica Säule Routine

Three-dimensional objects often require a certain viewing angle to view critical details. With our ball tables objects can be easily turned and tilted.

The foot-controlled vacuum fixation and the heavy granite plate ensure safe positioning.

The entire system of granite plate, stable tripod and mount microscope combines to create a tilt-and ergonomic microscopy workstation. Its objects and the microscope can be aligned at a certain angle to each other and fixed.

With the 32 mm column, it is optimally designed for a Leica-focus drives.

Datasheet (PDF)


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Key Features
  • Stable tripod for flexible microscopy
  • Viewing angle of the microscope and the object adjustable
  • Easy positioning
Your Benefits
  • Allows ergonomic work
  • Fast and easy 360 ° inspection
  • Compatible with Focused wheels for 32 mm columns
  • Perfect for the PCB repair

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Objective Adapter

Leica Objektivadapter

We offer different lens adapter depending on the microscope.

M50 x 1 

Objektiv adapters with M50x1 thread are for the following Leica microscopes: M3 / MS5 / MZ6 / MZ7.5

These adapters can be used for all microscopes that have an M50x1 thread.

This includes: Wild Leica M3B, M3C, M3Z as MS5, MZ6, MZ7,5


M65 x 1,5 

Objektiv adapter with M65x1,5 thread are for following Leica microscopes: M125 / M165 / M205

These adapters can be used for all microscopes that have an M65x1.5 thread.

This includes: Leica M125 / M165 / M205 / MZ 12.5 / MZ 16 / Leica SOM-Microscopes

  Datasheet (PDF)

Image erection ZAB for Leica DM Microscope

Image erection ZAB for Leica DM Microscope

Image erection ZAB for Leica DM Microscope

The two-axis image erection module ZAB displays the image in both axes side-correct in the eyepiece and on monitor.

It is quickly and easily positioned between microscope and tube.

The module fits both current DM microscopes and older DML models

  Datasheet (PDF)

Extension for Leica Column 'Routine'


The drive extension is available in different sizes / distances:

   •  15 mm

   •  27 mm 

   •  52 mm 

   •  72 mm 

   • 104 mm

   • 124 mm 

   • 144 mm

Datasheet (PDF)

Extension Tube M-Series 155mm Parallel; 1.0x

043-490116 Tubus Ausladung Leica M-Series

Extension Tube Leica M-Series

   • Effective extension 136 mm

   • Magnification 1.0x 

   • Fits to all Leica M- and MZ series microscopes 

   • Height 56 mm 

   • Weight 1.9 kg

Datasheet (PDF)

Extension Tube MZ 220mm 1.0x

043-490113 Extension tube MZ 220mm 1.0x

   • Effective extension with 45° tube 227mm

   • Magnification 1:1

   • Fits to all Leica M- and MZ series microscopes 

   • Weight 1.25 kg

Datasheet (PDF)

Protection Glass Holder D80 mm with Adapter to LED5000


Adapter to ring light Leica LED 5000 and compatible to stereo objectives with diameter 80 mm.

• Aperture diameter                76 mm 

• Clamp diameter                    80 mm 

• Height                                     30 mm 

• Protection glass thickness    1 mm

Datasheet (PDF)

Adapter Leica M-Series Research to column Routine

Adapter für Leica M-Serie

Connecting stereo M125-165-205 with column M50-60-80 series or Opto focus drive OP 

No electronic interface 

Extension 173 mm

Not in combination with vertical illumination

Dimension 100 x 95 x 85 mm (W x H x D)

Datasheet (PDF)

Inversion Clamp M60x1 – M60x1

043-302005-L Stabilisierungsplatte M60x1

The Inversion unit clamps the microscope to the carrier 10 450173 and prevents the microscope 

from falling out at all inclined viewing angles, such as wall or inverted viewing. 

Compatible with M50, M60 and DMS 1000, incl. Distance Ring for M80

Datasheet (PDF)

Long working distance Objective M600

M600 Objektiv

The Long working distance Objective M600 is especially designed for Leica stereo microscopes. Depending on the lens, you can extend your working distance up to 1200 mm.

With the appropriate adapters, the M600 can also be used with the Leica M50, M60, M80 and DMS.

An adapter for a ring light is also available.



Datasheet (PDF)

Dual-Camera Coupler 1x for Leica Ergo Tube HC

duo camera adapter

Dual-Camera Coupler optimized for VIS splitting ratio 50/50.

• Magnification: 1x

• Adjustment range: ± 2 mm

• Aperture diameter: 18 mm

• Camera interface: C-mount

• Sensor size: max. 1"

Other conditions are possible on request.

Datasheet (PDF)

Drive Extension 100 mm to Column M-Series Research

Drive Extension

If you need an enlarged working area, simply extend your M-Series column by 100 mm with our drive extension.

• Dimension: 70 x 78 x 102 mm

• Material: aluminium

• Surface: anodized, natural finish

• Weight: 1.26 kg

Datasheet (PDF)

Ringlight Adapter ID58-AD80 mm

Ringlight Adapter for Leica LED 5000 HDI


With the Ringlight Adapter you can connect a Leica Dome LED 5000 HDI to lenses with a diameter of 58 mm.

• inner diameter - 58 mm 
• outer diameter - 80 mm

Datasheet (PDF)

ScanStand - standard, XL

ScanStand / Breadboard

For "stitching" applications with Leica stereomicroscopes

The Opto ScanStand enables high-precision, automated 3D stitching with Leica microscopes.

The ScanStand consists of a high-precision motorized table and a Z-axis mounted on a high quality table. Depending on your requirements, ScanStand is available in various configurations.

ScanStand is the interface to the Leica "Routine" + "Research" columns and is compatible with all Leica microscopes and a wide range of focusing drives is available to provide compatibility with a variety of scan sizes up to 350mm x 350mm.

Datasheet (PDF)

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Filter Slider


Filter Slider for Leica M-Series

The Slider filter lets you switch between the neutral density filter and a free field that can be used for a second filter.

• Transmission 1 ± 0.5%

• wavelength 400 - 650 nm

Datasheet (PDF)

Objective Slider for Stereo-Microscopes

Objektivschieber freigestellt

This lens slider allows quick change of two different lenses. This allows you to quickly change two lenses with different focal lengths. You can expand very quickly and easily the magnification range of your microscope.

The stable, yet compact design fits perfectly with any Leica microscope. The M60x1.0 thread fits the Leica microscopes M50 / M60 / M80, DMS 1000 and some Leica SOM microscopes. By using lens adapters, lenses of other series can also be adapted.

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Objective protection for LED3000

Schutzglashalter für Leica

Many stereo microscopy applications such as solder rework or bio sample processing can result in debris or unwanted contamination being deposited directly onto the objective lens. This can result in lengthy cleanup operations, or as a worst case, replacement of an objective lens due to excessive contamination.

The Protection Glass Holder from Opto solves this problem by providing the option of securely placing a removable protective glass disc in front of the objective lens. A direct fit to the Leica LED3000 diffusor makes this easy to install, and simple to use. With an optional pack of 5 spare glasses, your customer is well prepared for every eventuality!

Datasheet (PDF)

Eyepiece Protection

Eyepiece Cover for Leica Microscopes

The eyepiece cover serves as an effective dust protection and reduces light transmission from eyepiece into camera beam path

• to cover both eyepieces
• dimensions: app. 155 x 70 x 105mm (W x H x T)
• integrated elastic securing band
• anthracite color
• ESD-safe material
• Cleanroom compatible

Datasheet (PDF)

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