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Docu with Imaging Modules in the machine shop

Here you can see the Opto production our CEO doing a spot check of aluminum components with our imaging modules. The case with two modules of different magnification allows him to document even the smallest defects in the micrometer range. With the freely supplied OptoViewer software, he can quickly carry out small measurements with a laptop, label them and share them accordingly in the network. Thus, on-site quality assurance is possible within a few minutes. This case with a tripod and imaging modules should be part of every production. The advantage of being able to generate highly accurate quality records in a timely, mobile manner and without an external testing laboratory is unique.


Coaxial digital microscopy plug&play semicon imaging

VCSL imaging with the Imaging Module compactM. Free OptoViewer software package.


Forensic cartridge analysis with computational imaging

solino™ is a surface reflection analysis software. An imaging module as a dome with optics, a camera, and LED illumination inside takes the pictures and sends them to the computer, where they are analysed using the solino™ software.


Live liquid microscopy inclusive software

Detailed live imaging and measurement of microfluid droplet generation. SOFTWARE for speed, size and volume analysis and counting at high speed. All with the plug & play Opto GmbH transmission light imaging module profilM.


Microscopy - Measurement Imaging Module compactM

Solar wafer inspection with an Imaging Module and OptoViewer 2.0 Measurement.

We automate microscopy.


Microfluidic and microscopy HW & SW all plug&play

Live imaging of microfluidic experiments. With SOFTWARE for live measuring droplet speed, size and volume and counting in high speed. All with the plug & play Opto GmbH transmitted light Imaging Module profileM.


Digital plug & play microscopy Transmitted light imaging

This is how yeast looks like when you put it together with some sugar and water over two days. The time lapse video functionality inside the OptoViewer 2.0 allows incredible experiments. Imaged with the transmitted digital microscope profile M out of the Opto GmbH Imaging Module family.


Grid projection software Free with all Imaging Modules

Imaging Module profile M digital transmitted light microscope. Blood sample imaging with free OptoViewer. We automate microscopy. Write us call us  LinkedIn


Microscopic experiments live profileM IM and OptoViewer

OptoViewer 2.0 with time lapse video functionality. The time lapse video functionality inside the Optoviewer 2.0 allows incredible experiments. I took only some water droplets out of the vase with the nice flowers that I bought my wife recently. Hope she couldn’t see what’s inside standing on our living room table ;-) All in one all from Opto GmbH


High contrast cell imaging

I  found a nice creature living with our plants. I called it „Tubular Joe“ ;-)
Took my Imaging Module profile M and here we are. 
Microscopy and Software all Plug and play from Opto.


High speed cell tracking

Always like the video from our pollen project we did with Leibniz-Institut für Photonische Technologien. Microscopy and Software all Plug and play from Opto GmbH.


Vision Boston 2022, USA Opto with 1stVision

A3 The Vision Show, Boston, USA, October 2022 Come to automate microscopy at the Vision show in Boston. Two days left. Opto GmbH will be together with our friends from 1stVision Inc.. Booth 718 turn left after the entrance.


Spectronet Collaboration Conference SCC2022 Imaging Modules for biomed and life science

AI ready Imaging Modules for biomedical and life science applications


Droplet based microfluidics ...

... with the Opto digital inverse microscope profile M

Droplet-based or digital microfluidics is a screening method that is used in practice for various applications. It involves the generation of serial sequences of droplets, which are regarded as self-contained reaction vessels.


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