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Stäubli Fair in France

Our daughter robSwiss has launched here at the Stäubli Fair in France the first AMM for dental implants and screws.

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Today it's time to control dental Implants, Screws and Abutments with the new AMM from robSwiss expecting many customers.

optical zoom - news

Optical Zoom has still its place. Megapixel Cameras are still not that inexpensive and you can`t buy Aperture with only Pixels.

An optical Zoom system is still necessary for changing magnifications without a great loss of resolution. Resolution is defined by the Aperture of the system and Aperture is still dependent on the optics not on the Camera. Megapixel Cameras are also not that inexpensive that you can cover a 7x or 12x Magnification only in increasing the sensor size. Opto delivers all types of optical zooms for high demanding OEM and Integration Work. Especially for Micro detection and with motorized versions Opto must be your choice.

Inverse Cellscope - News

10x Inverse Cellscope with Fluorescence for Integration in the new Imaging Module design.

Opto is delivering, since decades modular digital Inverse Microscopes for machine Integrators in different versions. Phase Contrast, Fluorescence, DIC are only some techniques that we integrate in compact form factors. With our new designs of Imaging Modules we also integrate the camera and make it even more compact, with one wire plug and play.

ImagingModule and PANO function

Working on a 266 Megapixel Image made with an Opto ImagingModule and our new PANO function

For making high resolution Images from Time to Time with Standard Vision Equipment for 50k EUR is too much equipment and too expensive. Here the new Opto Imaging Modules with our PANO functionality gives you same results with much less end cheaper equipment. It works like the Pano function in your phone and creates multi megapixel Images. Here we have a 266 Megapixel Image of a gear and are able to image micrometer resolution.

microsectioning Analysis Stations

Crimpinspection with highest Megapixel Resolution

Crimpinspection with highest Megapixel Resolution inverted or as straight version. Opto has Imaging Modules availabe for all Producers of microsectioning Analysis Stations. High precision #Microscopy for Integrators and Machine Builders.

The Visualization of Micrographs after cutting and polishing to etching is a key aspect for Quality Control of Crimps. Opto delivers plug and play Microscopes for with highest Megapixel Resolution inverted or as straight version. Opto has Imaging Modules available for all Producers of micro sectioning Analysis Stations. We deliver since decades high precision Microscopy for Integrators and Machine Builders.

NIDays Paris 2017

NIDays Paris 2017

Opto and our partner Alliance Vision welcome all to the NI days in Paris. Pleased to see that we are a Silver Alliance Partner to NI.

eine gute Idee

Usually a good idea is enough

Another nice OEM Job for a machine integration that started with an idea and turned out to be an Inverse Contrast Microscope.

Imaging Modul und SVS Camera - AMM

OptoGroup - together we are strong

Opto Module and SVS Camera in a robSwiss machine working hand in hand.

Grant Hurley

PRESS RELEASE - New UK Sales Manager

In support of our expanding UK business, OptoGroup is pleased to announce the full time appointment of Grant Hurley as UK Sales Manager joining the Opto UK team at their facility in Daresbury UK.

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In support of our expanding UK business, OptoGroup is pleased to announce the full time appointment of Grant Hurley as UK Sales Manager joining the Opto UK team at their facility in Daresbury UK.

Grant brings with him a wealth of experience gained over many years experience in microscopy sales and technical instrument servicing. In this role, Grant will be responsible for increasing sales of Opto’s expanding microscope accessories product families, along with other complimentary products including specialist microscopy systems and novel illumination components. Commenting on the appointment, OptoGroup CEO Markus Riedi stated “This appointment represents our ongoing commitment both to the UK market, and to further increasing the international footprint of our expanding microscope accessory business.  Grants experience is very well aligned both to the needs of the UK end user market, and our ongoing strategy to deliver unique inspection solutions to niche applications.”


Opto UK Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of OptoGroup GmbH & Co. KG located in Munich, Germany. Opto was established in 1980, and is a leading developer of novel optomechanical solutions based around microscopy for niche inspection applications and machine-embedded imaging. From its 50 strong team at its Munich headquarters, Opto services a fully international customer base of OEM machine builders and end users.



Mit High Speed Imaging unterwegs!
Wir präsentieren die TroubleBox, von unserem Tochter Unternehmen allianceVision, in einem neuen Design.

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• Live-Zeitlupe Aufnahme und Wiedergabe von High-Speed-Prozess
• Tragbar, robust und einfach zu bedienen
• Erweiterte Auto-Trigger-Optionen für zufällige Event-Capture
• Windows ™ Touchscreen-Schnittstelle
• Ideal für die Fehlersuche, Wartung und optimazatoiin jedes Hochgeschwindigkeitsprozesses.

Entworfen exklusiv für schwere industrielle Verwendung in entweder Trolley oder Peli Case Formate

Imaging Module - PANO

Imaging Modul PANO

Steigern Sie Ihre Effizienz und digitalisieren Sie Ihre optische Qualitätskontrolle mit unseren Imaging Modulen. Zum ersten Mal zeigen wir das neue Imaging Modul PANO. Es generiert hochaufgelöste, digitale Bilddaten im laufenden Prozess, fusioniert diese mittels „Stitching“zu einem Gesamtbild und ermöglicht eine professionelle Prozesskontrolle.

Control 2017

Control 2017

Mit Blick auf Industrie 4.0 präsentiert die OptoGroup unter dem Motto Optic – Imaging – Automation bei der diesjährigen Control in Stuttgart eine große Palette an absoluten Neuheiten für die smarte Produktion, Prozessanalyse und Qualitätskontrolle.

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