Cylinder Inner Wall Inspection

CylinderInspector is an all-optical, non-contact inspection and measurement tool designed to inspect cylinder walls. It enables perfect optical inspection of honed surfaces in cast iron and aluminium, as well as the detailed analysis of composition and distribution of silicon crystals in aluminium. With darkfield and brightfield multi wavelength LED illumination, CylinderInspector is perfectly suited to imaging every type of honed cylinder surface - particularly sputter and plasma deposited surfaces.

CylinderInspector has already gained its heritage as the inspection instrument of choice amongst many automobile and engine manufactures internationally.


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Key Features:
  • High end optical system with perfectly matched illumination to ensure optimum ‘in-cylinder´ image quality
  • Powerful yet easy to use CylinderInspector software suite for measurement and analysis of key parameters including automated hone angle measurement, and crystal distribution
  • Available in eyepiece, video, or fully automated versions
  • Non contact, self centering mechanisms for easy insertion and removal
  • Full 360° rotational view with variable insertion adjustment
  • Integrated brightfield and darkfield multi-wavelength LED for textural analysis
  • Able to fit wide variety of cylinders ranging from 60mm to 130mm in diameter (dependend on model and configuration)
  • Optical zoom and remote focus system allows the user to inspect the surface at different variable magnifications
  • Perfect manual or automated optical inspection of internal cylinder bore walls, honing angle measurement and crystal distribution.
  • Standardised inspection process between supplier and customer
  • Enables precise and repeatable measurement ofpre-defined parameters – significantly enhancing control over cylinder production processes and ensuring far higher levels of product quality control.
  • Totally customisable programming interface
  • Report Tool


  Measurement of the honing angle                                                                                                         Crystallization distribution

CylinderInspector 2D


The CylinderInspector 2D is perfect for use in advanced quality control, laboratory and development environments where medium sample quantities are processed. It enables precise and repeatable measurement of pre-defined para- meters or quick checks to secure the production process. This significantly enhances control over cylinder production processes and ensuring far higher levels of product quality control. 



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  • Non-destructive image analysis

  • High end optical system for perfect ‘in-cylinder ́ image quality

  • Optical zoom system for variable field of views

  • Full 360° rotational view with variable insertion depth adjustment

  • Able to fit wide variety of cylinder diameters

  • Optimized illumination options for different surfaces and structures

  • Available with camera or eyepiece depending on model 

CylinderInspector QuickTest

CylinderInspector QuickTest

CylinderInspector QuickTest is designed for fast visual inspection of cylinders. Available with eyepiece or with a digital USB video camera, our QuickTest is perfect for rapid inspections in production or quality testing environments where a checking view of the sample is required.
Designed to offer maximum functionality and portability at a very attractive price, our CylinderInspector QuickTest is ideal for manufacturers wishing to equip multiple manufacturing centers or smallerorganisations wanting to move into more advanced optical inspection.

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  • Centering unit for cylinder bores and variable adjustment for diameters from 70-89 mm
  • Insertion length 100 mm
  • Contact surfaces coated with Teflon for sample protection
  • 7:1 zoom with indexed click-stops for continuously zooming and repeatable measurements
  • Mount for C-Mount cameras
  • Focus adjustment
  • Illumination by external cold light source and a 3m fibre optic 

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