Software-based image analysis systems for residual soil analysis, cleanalyzer and internal wall control of cylinder bores "CylinderInspector".

In addition, you will find our portable microscopes for roller control.



Portable Microscope


CylinderInspector is an all-optical, non-contact inspection and measurement tool to inspect cylinder walls. It is able to provide perfect optical inspection of honed surfaces in cast iron and aluminium, as well as the detailed analysis of composition and distribution of silicon crystals in aluminium.

CylinderInspector has already gained its heritage as the inspection instrument of choice amongst many automobile and engine manufactures internationally.

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The Cleanalyzer is a high-end analytical system designed to examine particles on filters – a key procedure in performing reliable and reproducible evaluation of component cleanliness.

Precision mechanical parts machined to exact tolerances are susceptible to damage or malfunction caused by particulate contamination. To address this issue, component cleanliness must be measured, and quantified in order to guarantee full function and to avoid failures due to particulate damage. The Cleanalyzer system is a powerful, fully integrated test platform which enables precision measurement, analysis and documentation of this critical cleanliness indicator. Cleanalyzer is fully compliant with all current particulate standards.

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This portable measurement microscope with its ergonomic carrying handle can be used for a wide range of field inspections anywhere. The system can also be upgraded with a measuring gauge for noncontact height measurement of thicknesses up to 2 mm.  

Your Benefit e.g.: Highly stable chassis for high magnifications

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tragbares Mikroskop

The cost-effective high-speed vision system for the portable analysis of industrial processes in slow motion. "Plug and Play"

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