Mobile Floor Stand


For very large samples, or where samples cannot be easily moved, the Microscope needs to be portable. Our Mobile Floor Stand perfectly combines mobility and stability even at high magnifications and long working distances.

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Key Features
  • Stable mobile stand for difficult inspection tasks
  • Quick and easy 360° positioning of the microscope
  • Lockable wheels and arms
  • 4-axis adjustable microscope mount enabling any orientation
  • Flexible and save handling of the microscope
  • Use same equipment at different locations
  • Table for Light Source completes all in one inspection system
  • Compatible with most stereo and video microscopes

The stand base consists of a tripod with fixable wheels. At the height-adjustable column, a practical platform can be mounted on, for example, Light sources or tools can be stored (accommodated). 

For easy height adjustment of the optional lever arm can be equipped
with an adjustable gas lift mechanism. Normally, the floor stand is used
with a stereo microscope, but that can be easily exchanged for another
inspection system or even a tool. With our mounting mechanism stereo
microscopes can also be flipped be used absolutely secure.

Heavy Duty Systems

Heavy Duty Stativ

You get with our system a microscope, that is easily moved over the entire work surface and fixed at a suitable location - even on the countertop away.

The system is available with a range of accessories, including an extension of the support arm and a height adjustment. In the column, a light source (or similar) can be mounted so that a flexible inspection without cable clutter is possible.


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Key Features
  • Table, wall or board mounting
  • Extremely robust construction
  • Easy height adjustment
  • Useable with high magnification microscopes
  • Heavy Duty Focus handles safely equipment up to 20 kg
  • Modular setup for laboratories and test stations

Our unique Heavy Duty Stands serve two main purposes:

  1. In combination with the folding extension arms, it enables a completely
    clear bench to be maintained, whilst also giving the capability to position your microscope anywhere over your bench area!
  2. Using the Heavy Duty Focussing Unit it creates a rock-solid, ultra precise microscopy setup.
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32mm Column Stand


Economical, Ergonomie, Flexible and Reliable - der Langläufer unter unseren Stativsystemen  

Our 32mm-column system is the most popular and offered the longest product. Of many thousand units have already been produced and delivered. It stands for the highest quality, reliability and economic support your instruments and is configurable for almost all applications.

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