Homogeneous Spot Light

Homogener Spot

These unique spots use a beam homogenizer based on chirped micro lens technology to generate extremely homogeneous and sharply delimited spot illumination. For image processing in time-critical applications this feature can eliminate the need for additional shading.

Easy positioning can be achieved using our jointed couplers.

They are available in white, red, green and blue and have a working distance from 200mm (80mm Spot diameter) to 300mm (110mm Spot).

LED focussable double spot


Focusable double-spot LED lighting

  • 2 branches, length 380 mm
  • Lights focusable, spot size Ø at 50 mm distance adjustable between 30-70 mm
  • 6 step adjustable light intensity
  • Universal power supply included

Microscope Illumination


Our ring lights featuring up-to-date LED technology and operate without a fan and are therefore vibration-free. 

We do not offer special models due to the rapid advancement of LED technology. We will gladly accommodate any special requirements (colour, pulsed operation, time lags, diameters, brightness, special controls, other geometries, etc.) you may have.

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